I believe that cultural diversity is as vital to the survival of our species as biodiversity is to the survival of every species, ecosystem, and biome. Each culture answers in its own way how to be human. These answers are our strength. They are the extra baskets for our proverbial eggs. No matter how alien or foreign another culture may seem, our ability to understand and empathize with other cultures engenders our own creative thought, and creative solutions. All cultures–present as well as past–have value, for through another culture’s eyes, we can see that to which we are blind. That’s why I study Old Norse, the culture and language of the Vikings. My name is Colin Gioia Connors and I’m a PhD candidate. Welcome to my site.

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Current Projects

I am currently the resident scholar at the Skriðuklaustur Center of Culture and History in eastern Iceland. Read my blog, where I attempt to articulate things I learn while here.

Shout out to Wisconsin! at author Gunnar Gunnarsson’s mansion at Skriðuklaustur.